Below are Carrier’s Technical Information Communications:

TIC2022-0017 Temporary VFD Bypass
TIC2021-0021 Software PCM V9.02 Release
2021 Infinity Temporary Control Substitution
PTC2021-0009 SPP Unit Marked “Not for Conversion to Propane
PTC2021-0008 DGAPA Non Ducted Return
PTC2021-0007 24VNA6/25VNA4 PCM Software v7.0 Release
PTC2021-0006 Slime Accumulation in Condensate Management Systems
PTC2021-0005 24VNA6/25VNA4 Variable Speed Operation
TIC2021-0004 Modulating Inducer Power Connector Plug Position
PTC2021-0001 24VNA6/25VNA4 PCM Software v6.0 Release
TIC2020-0020 Infinity Software 3.62 Release
TIC2020-0018 25VNA4 Heat Pump Defrost
TIC2020-0017 80% 100K Btuh Furnace Nuisance Limit Trips
TIC2020-0015 Software 3.60 Release
TIC2020-0012 Modulating Furnace Revised constant fan airflow
TIC2020-0011 Software PCM V4.00 Release
TIC2020-0009 Software 3.40 Release
TIC2020-0007 Ultra Low NOx Non-condensing Furnace Control Revision
TIC2020-0004 Côr7C & 5C Thermostat Mobile App Update
TIC2020-0002 Zone Control Obsolescence
TIC2020-0001 Software 2.40 Release
TIC2019-0025 Equipment Maintenance
TIC2019-0024 Residential Geothermal
TIC2019-0023 Software 2.30 Release
TIC2019-0020 RTU Open Controls with Vain Axial Fan
TIC2019-0019 Ductless 38MA*R – FV4C Adapter Assembly
TIC2019-0017 Cor7C & 5C Thermostat Mobile App Update
TIC2019-0016 ABB VFD Updates
TIC2019-0015 Vane Axial Troubleshooting Procedure
TIC2019-0012 Dual Inlet Backward Curve Fan Installation
TIC2019-0010 Cor 7C Thermostat Wi-Fi Driver Update
TIC2019-0006 Factory Charge Clarification on Residential Split A/Cs Literature
TIC2019-0005 Cor 5C & 7C Thermostat Mobile App Update
TIC2019-0003 Cor 5C & 7C Thermostat Software Update
TIC2019-0002 Residential Communicating System Master Fault Code List
TIC2018-0009 Gas Valve Over-Pressurization
TIC2018-0008 Infinity –B Software version 2.00
TIC2018-0006 VFD Key Pad
TIC2018-0002 Infinity –B Software version 1.32 Infinity / Evolution Previous Controls version14.02
TIC2018-0001 Sound Troubleshooting Guide
TIC2017-0009 Improvements for Horizontal Right “A” Coil Applications
TIC2017-0008 Infinity Series B Software Release V1.3
TIC2017-0005 Base Pan Short Fork Protection
TIC2017-0003 Infinity Touch V14 Software Release
TIC2017-0001 Code 31 Inspection Sheet
TIC2016-0007 Closure of HVACPartners support of Legacy Infinity / Evolution Remote access dealer portal
TIC2015-0019 Piston Metering Device not Seating
TIC2015-0018 Infinity Version 13 Software
TIC2015-0017 Invertor 5-Stage Improvements
TIC2015-0016 Small and Medium Rooftop Unit Drain Conncetion
TIC2015-0015 Cor Software Update
TIC2015-0014 Attaching Uncased Ceiling Fan Coils to Fiberboard
TIC2015-0011 Cor
TIC2015-0008 Cor Software Update
TIC2015-0007 Cor Temperature and Humidity Accuracy
TIC2015-0005 Cor Advanced Installation Instructions
TIC2015-0004 Infinity Version 12 software
TIC2015-0002 Use of R-407C Refrigerant
TIC2015-0001 Missing and Incorrect Components, Geothermal
TIC2014-0013 Incorrect Indoor Coil Charge Addition, 24VNA948
TIC2014-0012 Incorrect Wiring of AOC Board, 24VNA9
TIC2014-0011 Position on Additives
TIC2014-0010 Res Gas Furnace Application Guidelines
TIC2014-0009 Condensing Furnace with improper gas
TIC2014-0008 Variable Speed (VNA’s) code 86 to 62
TIC2014-0007 Use of R-22a in R-22 Units Warning
TIC2014-0006 R-22 Compressors with POE Lube
TIC2014-0005 Comfort Alert Diagnostic Module Problems
TIC2014-0004 Residential Condensing Furnace Unauthorized Installation Practices
TIC2014-0002 Residential Condensing Furnace Concentric Vent Freezing
TIC2014-0001 New Condensing Furnace Trap Heater
TIC2013-0014 35″ Condensing Furnace Condensation, Comb Top
TIC2013-0013 Transition to 440V Run Caps
TIC2013-0010 35″ Condensing Furnace Condensation
TIC2013-0009 Heat Pump Service Valve Adaptor Installation
TIC2013-0008 Fan Coil Sweat Reduction Suggestions
TIC2013-0007 Condensing Furnace Condensate Drain
TIC2013-0003 Affect of Drywall and Construction Dust on Motors
TIC2013-0002 New Condensing Furnace Drain Line Support
TIC2013-0001 New Condensing Furnace Trap Attachment Screw